Myths about Weight Loss Infographic

myths about weight loss infographic

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Kristie Leong M.D.

Dr. Kristie Leong and Dr. Apollo Leong are physicians helping you to lead a healthy lifestyle by sharing nutrition and fitness tips and keeping you abreast of the latest health news.

2 thoughts to “Myths about Weight Loss Infographic”

  1. Thank you for posting. I have missed not seeing new postings on the blog. Thanks to what I have read over the past couple of years, my whole eating lifestyle has changed.

    1. Tim, you don’t know how good that makes us feel. So glad to hear you’ve made positive changes! That makes writing the blog even more rewarding. Sorry there have been no recent updates. I actually have a post ready to go. Will make a real effort to get one up next week and try to be more regular about posting. If you have any suggestions about what to cover, we’re all ears! Thank you for letting us know about the changes you’ve made. All the best. 🙂

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